On a Day Black as Night

On a day black as night, my students are, as the saying goes, made of awesome.

Lightning, thunder, and hail set in with a certain intensity around 3:48 a.m. (Ask me how I know this.). It didn’t let up much, and by the time I was heading to campus, I felt like the lorry driver in So Long and Thanks for All the Fish.. The one who finds himself in an ever accumulating series of rain storms, no matter where he goes. Why? To quote Mr. Adams, “All the clouds knew was that they loved him and wanted to be near him, to cherish him and to water him.” Why else would the storm worsen every time I tried to set foot outdoors?

On the way to campus, I watched water splash into the bus through the bottom of the doors and saw veritable currents in the cross streets. Once there, we heard stories about flooded roads, regular routes rendered impassible. Now I’m home, and every summer plant that should be on my deck is in front of the fireplace …

… and my roof is leaking. (When I reported this to the property management company, the response was, “Well, we have had quite a bit of rain.” Really? I hadn’t noticed.)

The day’s readings were Evolution, Me, & Other Freaks of Nature and Charles and Emma.. Our discussion facilitator du jour played the thematic treats game that’s been running all term. Pumpkin muffins with quote flags riffing on EM&OFN.


They weren’t terribly enthused about Charles and Emma, which just didn’t sit as well with them as Sheinkin’s Bomb from last week. They wanted to know more about Emma. After all, they pointed out, the name of the book is Charles and Emma.. Shouldn’t she get as many pages? Shouldn’t there be a way to talk about her more fully, too?

I kept trying to explain the nature of the historical record and women’s lives in earlier eras. They weren’t ready to give in. Then I found this amid the day’s reading journal entries: “I kept thinking it would be interesting to hear the same story from Emma’s perspective; if it doesn’t exist yet in book form, it may appear this summer in fan fiction form by yours truly.” So I surrender: you go, girl. I’m looking forward to reading it … under the shade of a sun umbrella.

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