Looking for a Sign

If you’ve watched me travel before, you know that I’m a sucker for signage.  There’s always something eye-catching in the directions and details of a new place.

During the whirlwind that is Rare Book School, signs are everywhere.  After all, I’m forever looking for a library, a restaurant, a landmark that will tell me whether I’m heading the right direction.

One could practically trip over traditional signs of historical importance.  There’s a notice about where to find Poe’s dorm room …


that one is standing on Monroe’s farm …


and that one’s at the University of Virginia (note the recently completed copper dome off to the right).


Then there’s the sign for the erstwhile Washington Literary Society engraved above the doorway, which is a sign I should see my own room soon:

lit socThere are signs indoors, too.  After lo these many miles of walking, someone has thoughtfully posted signs to applaud the effort in the stairways on campus:


We’re all terribly amused by this next sign, and we’re all struggling with how to photograph it:


Yes, folks:  if you think you’re seeing directions to keep the door closed on a door that is off its hinges, leaning against a hallway wall, you’ve deciphered this one correctly.

There are some clever signs, which I wish I had better pictures of, downtown.  Earlier, a friend and I visited this book shop, which has lots of lovely prints and a tremendous selection of titles:


Not many doors down from the bookstore is a lovely knitting shop called The Needle Lady.  My evening photo of its overhead sign blurred, rendering it nearly un-readable.  Given how welcoming the ladies at tonight’s knit night were, it seems a shame not to say how much I enjoyed being able to talk books and Rare Book School with them.  But a picture?  I did tuck a shop’s card into my bag, so you can see its emblem, if not all the colors and the kindness I enjoyed there.


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