To Say Nothing of the Dog

Three Men in a Boat has been on my nightstand, and Connie Willis’s To Say Nothing of the Dog has been on my Audible player lately. Though we took the car, not a boat, there was both a river and a dog — of sorts — at our destination.

Columbus, Indiana has been featured by any number of outlets — The New York Times and CBS, for example — as an architectural wonder. And it is.

There’s a Henry Moore sculpture in front of the public library.  My whole-sculpture picture turned out absolutely overexposed, but it was still thrilling to stand beneath it and stare up at the sky.



Across the street, a church whose name I failed to note …


with such wonderful wooden doors that I noticed little else about the place.


Even the alleys were decorated.


See the cunning bike racks?


Chihuly glass


and a Chihuly rose, too.


The ultimate destination, the rationale for this little expedition, was to tour the modern Miller House. I’ve wanted to see the place since reading about it in Garden Design two years ago. An entirely entrancing setting, with a smart, good-natured guide with an eye for detail. (She even pointed out the nearby house where her great-grandparents once lived, with its veritable fountains of petunias, and asked about the knitting I pulled out of my bag on the shuttle.). A favorite tidbit — a framed Walt Whitman signature amid the marble and glass. No interior photos, only a handful from the grounds that show more of what our guide aptly referred to as dappled shade.



There were fish …


and a dog.


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