Like This

Hello, summer.  Goodbye, summer.

How is it that I’m suddenly getting ready for start of term?  If you’d asked, I’d have told you the days were, at last, like this.


That is, sunny, summery, with flowers full throttle and the birds a blur.  The hummingbirds have learned I’m a reliable host, that my deck  features fuschia, hibiscus, and other blooming things they might enjoy.  They’re regular visitors.

I’ve not been so reliable with the camera lately, so despite having unceremoniously ended a phone conversation one bright day in order to grab the appropriate device, I don’t have pictures of a hummingbird sitting on these flowers, mere yards away.


Instead, this was the best I could do.


If you puzzle through the greenery, to the left of the lantana, you’ll see my visitor.  No matter how often I hear the whir of its wings, I’ve seldom been able grab a camera in time.  Instead, often all I get is a bird taking wing.  Like this.


Come to think of it, I’ve not gotten around reading to Christopher Bentley’s A Summer of Hummingbirds yet either.  Only now summer’s gone — just like that.

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