Chicago I

Much as I love Carl Sandburg, I think about Chicago a little differently than he did.  It’s towering skyscrapers, night-time walks, marvelous dinners.

night skyscraper

Once, an editor took me to dinner at Trattoria No. 10, and it was all fabulous, even if the stuffed zucchini flowers had sold out just before we ordered.  I’ve returned every time I’ve been in the city, and Vogue Knitting Live was there this weekend.  The tables were decorated with striking spider mums.

mum 1I was taking pictures to amuse myself as the evening unfolded.  Flowers and wine glasses …

shadowy figureWine glasses and flowers.  Or dessert.

profiterolesThe waitress noticed, and as the meal ended, she brought me one of the flowers that I’d been studying.

mineSo, an exquisite salad of greens; ravioli in a spicy sauced that warmed me on a damp, dark night; and a lovely flower for the road.

bikes at nightA nice gesture, and a nice reminder at home, or hotel, too.

bright mumMore Chicago notes soon.

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