A Backward Glance: The High Line



Since the Sunday morning when I saw a segment of this Jerome Robbins dance performed on the High Line, I’ve been as obsessed with the park in the sky as someone who lives in the Midwest can be.  Last month, a conference in Manhattan finally, finally, finally allowed me a chance to see the High Line, to walk along its paths, to stare out at the city amid its plantings, late one rather brisk afternoon.  The images have been lingering on my camera, unprocessed and unedited, only as every day goes by, a new post on the High Line blog indicates my pictures are rapidly going out of season:  spring cut-back, spring hours, snow drops, striped squill ….

Before any more time goes by, a few of my photos.  I wish they were better, but at least and at last I was there.

From the birches …


and the paths …


and views of the river …




Entering this covered space is like walking into a cathedral.  Only after returning home did I discover it is an art installation with a name, The River That Flows Both Ways.  It creates a quiet stillness, lovely and peaceful:


There were a couple of photos in particular that I wish had turned out better, but what with lighting, freezing fingers, and all that, they’re beyond imperfect.  Still, seeing the car park sign from the park in the sky amused me:


And seeing the Statue of Liberty — here, a barely green blur so far in the distance — took my breath away; this is, what hadn’t already been drained by the dropping temperatures:


Only one sparrow visited me, and he wasn’t particularly social.  Still, he was there:


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