Meeting the Yarn Harlot

I’m on the road on a blustery day in the Upper Midwest. After almost warm, veritably seasonal days, I’ve managed to land back in a climate where it seems snow might fall any second.

Tomorrow, it’s back to the archives. This evening, it was all about yarn. Some of you may have cottoned to my knitting habit. It’s a go-anywhere sort of activity, and I do mean anywhere, even if not for long. There’s a series of knitting photos at Library of Congress, airports, and doctors’ offices and clinics, among other venues.

One of the strong voices in contemporary knitting belongs to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, who blogs as the Yarn Harlot. Usually, regardless of my peripatetic life, my travels usually take me to the farthest possible place I can be and still be in the country if she’s visiting the Lower 48. Finally, a happy coincidence: I could actually turn up for one of her talks, after years of reading her work and even taking up the study of how knitters use digital media.

So I hit the road, bought the book, etc., etc. I ‘m used to seeing her blog posts following her road trips, full of photos of happy knitters. It wasn’t til I had tripped the sparkling stairs of the yarn shop ….


Returned to my hotel …


That I remembered I ‘d brought socks with me. Hand-knitted socks, made from this pattern.



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2 thoughts on “Meeting the Yarn Harlot

  1. I am glad you have had a chance to meet her in person. What to say? Lucky you! 🙂

  2. It was fun, indeed —

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