Bright Absentee


For the record, my idea of camping is being away from home with fewer than three pairs of shoes. I am seldom without lipstick. And when in Colorado, I am invariably on the trails that wind through parks and neighborhoods, these outposts of sand, red rock, and flowers.

Last week, it wasn’t just gardens that were redolent with bloom. The daily trails seemed to greet me with an evocation of Emily Dickinson: “I tend my flowers for thee, bright absentee.” Blooms in abundance, every morning along the trail.




While I can name a few of these plants, like liatris, I’ve yet to seek out all their names. A site like this or this would be encouraging places to start.

Some seemed more like things I’m used to finding in a garden …


Some seemed determined to seek the shade …


And one morning, the yucca …



Were pearlescent with dew.

A few others beckoned closer …



While some suggested the horizon with their range …


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2 thoughts on “Bright Absentee

  1. Where are you? I live near Golden and posted similar pics a few weeks ago from a bike ride. I have many more to post 🙂 love our high plains grasses. I didn’t take a photo of that white bloom (not the yucca) the white petal flower because I fear it’s an invasive weed – why? – because I haven’t noticed it other years and this year it’s blooming everywhere, just like that noxious bindweed. If you know what the white bloom is, please let me know.

    I had fun looking at your photos 🙂

  2. I was visiting family in Colorado Springs. There are some good pictorial sites that show regional wildflowers, and this one has some fab search functions, like being able to limit by color and bloom time:

    If we’re both talking about the same white flower, it’s a Crested Prickly Poppy, native per the site I referenced. And yes, they were legion along the trails during my stay.

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