To the Lighthouse

I’ve been reading about Virginia Woolf and Bloomsbury to prepare for a class I’ll be be teaching. Mention of To the Lighthouse is nearly inevitable in such volumes, and it reminded me, as indirection can, of my lighthouse-laden travels this summer. Toward its beginning, as we arrive at its end.

The iconic Portland Head Lighthouse, built in 1791, was rather thrilling to see, regardless of the angle of approach.




One photographer opted for the additional thrill of clambering out onto ocean-sprayed rocks for his pictures. I refrained .


There was another old lighthouse out in the distance. I’ve rather carelessly forgotten its name.


More not quite forgotten New England photos to follow soon.

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One thought on “To the Lighthouse

  1. That’s one of the few lighthouses I’ve visited. They all have such rich history. Thanks for the memory jog!

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