Yesterday was Downton day in the U.K.: the Season 5 premiere.  I’ve been scouring the media for pictures and plot details — to me, much more interesting to have a sense of the twists and turns ahead, to see how they’re executed, than to wait for a surprise on the screen.

When I was back East for a wedding, a friend sent me an article on Winterthur’s exhibit of costumes from the show.  Not to be missed! said I.

A smidgen of what I saw, more of the summer photos lodged in my phone …

Hats. There were hats. I heard someone saying hats had been all but flying off the gift shop shelves. How could it be otherwise?





Dresses.  Or here, the coats that go with them, which were simply splendid.


Embroidered details, from Lady Edith’s lovely gown, to the stunning outfit Lady Sybil surprised the family with.  Seeing the scale of the actors as reflected by their costumes and the custom-made mannequins offered some perspective on things, too.




And outdoors, all sorts of lovely details, from this gray bird — a catbird, I think — to flowers, intentional and otherwise.




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