Increasingly, autumn’s shades tint the local landscape. I keep thinking there’ll be a logical point for sharing the remaining summer pictures that still sit where only I can see them. The last day of summer, the last summer-like day of the month … days go by without me doing anything about getting some pictures up. Here, then, beginneth the effort to remember summery beaches, blooms, and vacation days.


This elephant was on a sign along a cobbled Nantucket street.  I loved him.


The iron fish along a Newport gate.


A common sight along the Cliff Walk. Not nearly as pretty as most of what one sees there, and its dire warning seems like something out of a book by Edward Gorey.


As did some of the tree roots that seemed to escape the mansion grounds.



A long bike ride to see a lighthouse on Nantucket.  A friend who was there a week or two earlier did the same bike ride, only she made the bike shop remove what she called the “Toto basket.”  But I loved it.


Where the signs pointed the way to Iceland, where I once lived.




Inland, reminders of the ocean abounded: plaque to the Essex, a window-box boat, and an ornate house that seems to offer a view of the sea.




Home again, there were my own flowers, drinks outdoors, and of course, cats.

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