Meet Tobias.


He’s recently come home with us from the Bloomington animal shelter. He has become the center of the household, the entity around whom we revolve. He’s ostensibly here to be a friend for Pippa, but at present they have only managed a nodding acquaintance, which I figure is better than hissing. Though I’ve never before sequestered a new kitten, he’s mostly living in the bedroom with supervised excursions into the wider house, and none at all downstairs in Pippa’s domain. For the first time, I’m actually reading sites like this and this.

Tobias is sweet and affectionate, purring with spontaneous enthusiasm. His name alludes to this favorite novel by Tobias Wolff and Virginia Woolf’s beloved brother Thoby.. His audible and ready purr led one friend to suggest Outboard as a name, but a bit of confusion with his litter mate resulted in the addition of Earnest to his name. Admittedly, this is a rather long name for such a little being, so he is mostly just Toby.

Like many kittens, he has two speeds: on and off, resulting in some blurry photos:




Also some quite cute ones:



He’s gone from hiding in my purse …


To wondering about the wider world:


He loves toys …


Computers …


And is a budding gourmand:


His ears are beautiful:


His loving and affectionate presence means longer summer road trips are unlikely during his acclimation, but his good-natured character and amusing deeds are themselves quite transporting.


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