Tobias, the Third Installment in a Kittenish Saga

This is Toby at rest, after a stressful morning.  Occasionally, he’s seemed a little breathless, which we’d attributed to his energetic romps through the house.  Since he always picked himself up and plunged into play again moments later, it wasn’t too concerning.  This morning, though, he panted like a dog, and his sides heaved, which left me searching the Internet and phoning his vet simultaneously.  This site had information on respiratory distress, and though he was in better shape by the time we arrived at the vet’s, his doctor detected crinkling sounds in his lungs.  

Tobias received a steroid injection, and I dashed into class at the last second.  (My students were absolutely brilliant, conducting a sustained and meaningful discussion of how communities are shaped by internal and external forces.).  Home again in the afternoon, Toby was a little more himself.  

Adorable.  Relaxed.  Sleepy.  Photogenic. 

(For some reason, this app isn’t able to access my edited pictures, so here’s the best of what I can see right now.)

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