Post Paris

There was a conference in Paris, so I have at last seen the City of Light.  While there, I had to give a conference paper, learn how the metro worked, find the library, and keep myself fed and watered as it were, so though I was taking pictures constantly, I didn’t blog at all.  

Then I came back, and I was tired, and an ARC of Ann Hood’s The Book That Matters Most was waiting for me …

… which, as a bonus, is set partly in Paris and includes a quirky bookstore, so I spent one afternoon lost in this story.  It has faculty life and a book club and did I mention, Paris? Immersing myself in its characters’ lives let me delay unpacking and ignore jet lag. It’s hard to set down, once started, and I quickly sent it off to a friend with a way cool book blog, hence the pretty packaging.

And sending postcards that I’d brought back from Paris, because mail was one more thing to figure out that I didn’t do while there.  Some were rather distinctive, like this one …

And many involved cats on the city’s rooftops, which were quite cute.  Even cuter, it turns out, were the spaces to be covered by stamps:

Then it seemed that I was back in the midst of meetings and deadlines, and Paris began to recede a bit into the background.  At least a bit.  Aside from the views that serve as wallpaper on my phone, reminding me that at least for awhile, I really was there.

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