As I mean to go on

You’ve heard the expression about beginning as you mean to go on, an approach to beginning the new year that one of my favorite bloggers has celebrated with beautiful posts over the years.  (I can’t find the one I have in mind, about how everything has been cleaned and made festive, but here is this year’s.). 

I wanted the immaculate house, the warm decor, the comforting foods.  The reality is that there are limits to what I can do all at once — that for me, beginning as I mean to go on means small steps and persistence rather than grand gestures.

I had a nostalgic New Year’s Eve, one that reflects where I am and the journey to this point.  Many years ago, I worked with a woman who shared her apple pie recipe.  It’s still with me 

and it’s still the only one I make.

As the days since have passed and it’s now Epiphany, the end of the holidays, the decor that surrounded me that night will soon go back into boxes to await next Christmas.  

There’s the little sign a student gave me one year and an angel that used to hang in my parents’ home …

and the jingle elf that was purchased for my first Christmas, too

Time to face the new year unadorned, with its challenges and demands.  Strengthened, though, by friends past and present, who journey with us.

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