Home and Away, Part 1: Paris

My refrigerator is a warren of magnets, so I don’t study their details with any regularity.  Recently, when I opened the door, my eyes rested on one of the Paris map magnets, part of a set acquired some years ago.  It’s a vintage, or perhaps faux vintage, map showing the city’s major streets and notable sites.  Given how many magnets are in the set, and how many magnets cover the fridge …

… I’d not really paid attention to which map fragments were displayed.  It turns out that this one …

… shows the way to the hotel where we stayed during my conference this summer.  Up there on the left, that tiny “ard” across from the Sorbonne, marks the site of the hotel Trianon Rive Gauche, which is a quite nice venue with balconies and superb breakfasts.  Amusing to see that the place we stayed has been depicted in my kitchen for years.

An occasion, then, to share a few more photos of that time away from home, still lingering on my phone:

At the Louvre …

Gardens near the train station ….

Iconic doorway not far from the hotel …

Voyaging ships on historic globes at the BnF …

Bunny at the Cluny …

The original essayist, M. Montaigne, and ranks of candles …

Lace curtains with labs …

And a serene courtyard along the way.

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One thought on “Home and Away, Part 1: Paris

  1. Love the photos of France. Makes me itch to travel again!

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